Beyond Greed

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"A man is his own easiest dupe, for what he wishes to be true he generally believes to be true."

Anchor for this item  posted April 13, 2003 at 8:23 p.m. MDT

Maybe you read it here first: I suggest that Donald Rumsfeld helped establish the thug known as Saddam Hussein in order for Hussein to cause trouble, so then the USofA, fine upstanding defender and home of brain-dead loyalty, would have reason and pretext to invade and *!TaDa!* safeguard the oil urrruhhh I mean, safeguard the people of Iraq.

FROM THE DIPLOMACY OF IMPERIALISM p.157-160 "Europeans in Turkey have agreed that the immediate aim of the agitators was to incite disorder, bring about inhuman reprisals, and so provoke the intervention of the powers. For that reason, it was said that, they operated by preference in areas where the Armenians were in hopelessly minority, so that reprisals would be certain. One of the revolutionaries told Dr. Hamlin, the founder of Robert College, that Henchak bands would:

"watch their opportunity to kill Turks and Kurds, set fire to their villages, and then make their escape into the mountains.
The enraged Moslems will then rise, and fall upon the defenseless Armenians and slaughter them with such barbarity that Russia will enter in the name of humanity and Christian civilization and take possession."





Human need, not corporate greed ... without justice, there can be no peace. That's the meme stringing these items together.

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