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"A man is his own easiest dupe, for what he wishes to be true he generally believes to be true."

''What I just sent to CNN''

Anchor for this item  posted August 03, 2006 at 9:43 p.m. MDT

NB: as I post this CNN's headlines presents a severely skewed version of Hezbollah's latest statement ... spreading the lie, stiffling the gesture.

Originally hfx_ben at LiveJournal

Confirmed: Blitzer blew off a significant Hezbollah gesture. (Hey, Wolf, where were you during the Cuban Missile Crisis?!)

Not only did Nazrallah /not/ say "If Israel continues to hit Beirut we'll hit Tel Aviv", not only did he actually say "If Israel hits Central Beirut", but he actually said Hezbollah would contain the fight. So ... Blitzer's bias showed, and CNN's. (Nice touch: the Israeli ambassador says this shows that Hezbollah is weakening and Anderson Cooper [a really ''nice'' guy, rrrrrright? Get it?] chimes in with "They're Islamist fascists" ... nice ... y'all gonna get Christmas bonuses for that?)

BTW: my post reads in part "The truly wicked only show themselves from time to time, and even then only for a moment."

Hey, I've been onto US media since 1973 ... Jonestown U was running special courses for CIA agents, so they could wage a media war against the democractically elected government in Chile.

You will reap what you've sewn all these years. Iran, Lebanon, Guatemala, Chile, Nicaragua ... malicious and mischievous you are, oh yes you are.

But trust: some of us have stepped back, to stay sane, but we haven't given you the field. Hear about the Indymedia kid in SF who's going to jail rather than hand over his tape? He's the sort I've spent my life with. You guys? *flips the finger*

enjoy your greasy burgers


*as usual, trashes the title to this item because I posted another more recently. "Amercian inventiveness", yaaaa right*
And here's Rice with her god-damned "status quo ante" ... how often will she manage to say it tonight? 6 times? 8? more? Pathetically twisted puppy.

''The truly evil ones only show themselves from time to time ...''

... and even then only for a moment.

Originally hfx_ben on LiveJournal

[NB: as I post this CNN repeats it's distortion of Hezbollah's latest statement, spreading the lie, stiffling the gesture.]

That's what makes me who I am: you look away, I don't. Even if you caught a glimpse accidently you would deny it. See, fact is, there's clearly a line: you choose to starve me out *shrug* as you are raised. That's who you are. But you look away from that, too. And that's the trick: the psychopaths aren't living in denial. You are. Just you.

At 17:40MDT Woolph Blitz-her said on CNN that the leader of Hezbollah said that they'd rocket Tel Aviv if Israel continued to hit Beirut. But Nazrullah [or whatevuh] has been widely quoted saying that they'd rocket Tel Aviv if the center of Beirut was hit. Maybe that's more detail than the highly-paid yuppies at CNN can handle ... or maybe the word has come down and now they're doing the job they've been mandated to do: stir things up.

Psychos ... bullies and those who suck up to bullies ... same old game, over and over again. And the kidz busy themselves choosing which sneakers to wear.

narcissistic fool




Human need, not corporate greed ... without justice, there can be no peace. That's the meme stringing these items together.

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