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"A man is his own easiest dupe, for what he wishes to be true he generally believes to be true."

Anchor for this item  posted April 13, 2003 at 5:01 p.m. MDT

!! <rant> skip this item if you're sensitive
I was just thinking about Rumsfeld's blurt the other night ... did you happen to see the Baghdad skyline on the first night of shock and awe? Do you remember the story of how a marine opened up on a van full of civilians and wiped out an entire family? Did you know that the attack on "Chemical Ali"'s home wiped out 10 members in a neighboring house, including a coup of doctors and a pharmacist? Did you hear the story about the little boy, two years old, sitting in the kitchen crying, his mother's head splattered all over him?
Rumsfeld flaps his hands around saying, "Henny Penny! The sky is falling!" ... guess what, ass-hole: you actually did make the sky fall for a whole lot of people ... Ba'athists, sadists, innocents, journalists, soldiers, little children, loving parents ... you sad sick cynical hard-hearted bastard.
For the record: the Secretary of Defense of the United States of America is a shit-eating scum bag. And he fixed it so that Saddam Hussein had chemical weapons. Get it? Get it?? Do you understand why New York City was a target? Don't you have clue #1?! Your administration has just made it plausible to argue for National Missile Defense aka "Star Wars". Oh ya, by the way, it's a scam. *!Duhh!* Ain't that some coincidence. (Say, I wonder if "Jay" buddy is in on that action.)
Are Americans congenitally stunned? or perhaps it's mere opportunism ... I can't figure which has an optimistic option.
I've come back to revisit this item and add a couple of things ... multi-tasking just now ... let me get serial
  • I imagined how that young marine feels today ... the one who sat and told the peace-maker in downtown Baghdad, "One of the fellas opened up on this car as it approached ... the little kid survived, but both its parents were dead ... he cudda shot out the tires. Some just want to kill." My advice? Suck it back, young man ... do the arithmatic (see below)
  • I imagined how Powell must be feeling ... Jesus and Mary ... naive? heroic? as corrupt as the rest of the cabal? My advice: Suck it back, sir ... remind yourself of the foundation upon which you stand ... do not sicken ... do the arithmatic (see below)
  • I imagined what Dubya Bush might be working with right now .... I don't advise you do this! Sir: do you really and truly have shit for brains?! My advice: ponder what St Paul was up to while his name was still Saul of Tarsus. If you don't, someone may just get the notion to brick you upside the head, with the best of intentions. Or they'll buy you a bag of pretzels. Sorry ... that was cruel.
  • Rumsfeld: gadd ... you're so past it that likely you'll come back as yet a more malevolent influence ... gadd ... what an image of hopelessness you are!
  • My anti-Americanism: if I were anti-American I would be write quite different material. For e.g., last time a big ship came into harbour I had a bang-up time with the bunch of Marines that showed up at my local pub. Met this Sgt (lotsa stripes ... your ranks make no sense to me ... kinda like Warrant Officer, I bet.) I managed to get him to play pool /just one more time/ haahahaha, his guys loved it ... he beat me pretty well, but I gave him a good run. Anyway, point is, y'all have been fucking this planet and its people since as long as I can remember. [BTW, the "y'all" is actually how I talk, FWIW.] You're a buncha greedy bullies, get it? And those of you who aren't greedy bullies and just stunningly ignorant. Not that you have a monopoly on these, of course ... but let's just say that "The Ugly American" isn't a product of some Holywood fiction writer. Are you capable of a single thought on your own? Is any of this within your grasp? (Of course I know not all Americans are this way ... only the vast majority that I've met in my 48 years. Suck that back!)
So here's my bottom line: I don't think you've got the brass for democracy: I don't think you've got the balls for it ... I don't think you've got the spine or the conviction ... I don't think you believe in much of anything except dumb-ass stupid simplistic solutions and dumb-ass stupid simplistic bullying come-backs with a double serving of plausible deniability. "Henny Penny! The sky is falling!" (You're a sick man, Rumsfeld ... a sick man who's now in charge of a sick country.)
I trained airborne infantry and communications so I could do my damndest to make the world safe for democracy, but turned out it was the GD f'n Yanks that were knocking over democratically elected governments. [google "cocaine politics" just for the perverse joy of unvarnished truth about the noble USofA] Boy, was I shocked the day that came clear! [Know that a "candy-stripe" mission is? You really don't know a whole helluva lot about anything except how to make the next buck, do you ...] I kinda lost my mind ... I had swallowed notions of democratic industrialized nations hook line and sinker, and within less than two hours I had all of that hauled out of my guts in one long pull ... that hook tore me open as it came up ... I imagine there was a fair chunka guts on it when it came up, too. But I was free ... because democracy and liberalism and honesty and civil society and decency and integrity are not just empty abstract concepts: they occupy space, if only in our minds ... and they take up time and energy, if only in our personal lives.
So, in a period of time after the end of the war in Vietnam, in another theatre entirely, I saw the simple proof that $$$ drives America, that it is not actually the home of the brave and land of the free, that the cold war was being fought between two different bands of thugs. (Look at that again, and try to have a thought all on your own ... $$$ ... do you see it? The sign of the beast isn't 666, it's $$$ ... or maybe the fact that something works as a truth isn't enough? You need someone to tell you whether that thought is okay or not? So, really and in fact, you have been enslaved by the American Taliban ... you've already traded your soul; what do you have left to barter? [trick question: you're still whole, because the basis of human rights are inalienable ... recognize: it's the same as the Holywood / Washington / Disneyland mind-phuk; like voodoo, it only works because you believe it works! Think about something, sometime, would you? Please ... ok?]) IMNSHO the American body politic is the single most compelling argument against American consummer culture.
So anyhow, my country and your country and our countries are all phoney fronts for big business, and whether another country is socialist or fascist or participatory and democratic or stalinist communist or state capitalist or Mooeny or Ba'ath or Baboon or whatever really doesn't matter ... any will be supported, and any will be tumbled, depending on whether or not they ensure the business managers and owners get their blood.
"I spent thrity-three years and four months in the Marine Corps.... [D]uring that period I spent most of my time being a high-class muscle man for Big Business and Wall Street and for bankers. In short, I was a racketeer for capitalism."
Major General Smedley Butler.
You see, kiddies, your country is being run by vampires, and I'm a we'er-wolf. (Read a book, wudya?!)

Bottom line: I looked at 2+2 and figured it to be 4. I did that, and I've tried to make a habit of it ... but fact is I don't think you have what it takes. I think you'll say 2+2 is whatever the boss-man sez it is ... just like Enron's accountants; you've had your soul juices sucked right out of you ... but I haven't. So I got some vampire hunting to do ... cuz ruining people's lives for money is a nasty thing to do. And I don't let nasty things just happen while I look away, like your big-brave "We come as liberators and friends, not conquering invaders" soldiers did. Simply truth, of course, is that only conquering invaders would have watched as hospitals were trashed ... but that's 2+2, and war-mongers are allergic to that sort of thinking.
Hey Rumsfeld! Say your "Henny Penny" again, I double-triple dare ya! But here's a serious warning: not twice more ... cuz when you say that Henny Penny thing too often, it's going to come true ... and I want you to be pure and saintly and happy before you die, lest you reincarnate as an even more malevolent bag of pus than you are now! Rumsfeld is going to be into collaboration, and cooperation, and mutual security, and decremental security, and all of those things, because his heart of hearts knows that he's one life away from beings something aweful .... and he knows that, because in this very life he is working for the Prince of Confusion ... and one day, maybe not too long from now, he is going to shit himself from fear. But maybe the Pres has to find a brain for that to happen ... things are inter-related, you know.
So y'all be good to one another, hear? And stop splattering little kidz with their mommies' brains, ok?
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Human need, not corporate greed ... without justice, there can be no peace. That's the meme stringing these items together.

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