Beyond Greed

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"A man is his own easiest dupe, for what he wishes to be true he generally believes to be true."

Anchor for this item  posted April 16, 2003 at 4:46 p.m. MDT has become unusable; lies.
Funny thing is, I was just going to blog this item:
Reluctant Pentagon steps up police role [SanFran Chronicle] - "U.S. sending in more peacekeeping forces" "Even as it insists that its soldiers aren't cut out for police work, the Pentagon is increasing its peacekeeping role in Iraq and bringing more military police and civil affairs units into the country."
with the comment, "Well that sure beats including the community of nations ... countries with decades of experience on the ground with peace-keeping just don't qualify, right?
What kind of sense is there in that? What does the USofA have to teach anyone about common sense or know how, since it has become so addicted on buying the game and just plain cheating. (How did MicroSoft get to where it is? Easy to explain, if you know about FUD ... don't know about FUD? google it ... it's like dealing from the bottom of the deck ... how to invalidate entrepreneurial activity in 3 easy steps ... Gates' strong suit: don't rely on good products ... like energy management by Enron, or democracy by Rumsfeld / Cheney / Wolfowitz / Perle ... cheat, lie, whatever, because ultimately might makes right, right?
What a bunch of sickos."
That's what I was going to blog ... and then I discovered that, the sweet little company that just got bought up, couldn't do its thing. How totally lame. But hey! There's always the 4th Infantry Division, and that's a pretty fine way to settle any sort of dispute!





Human need, not corporate greed ... without justice, there can be no peace. That's the meme stringing these items together.

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